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Products from the earth...

Our Jams

Our production of jams is active all year round. We grow white and red raspberries, currants, gooseberries, strawberries, blackberries, plums, figs, quinces, persimmon, while for the rest of the fruit we rely on organic and 0 miles farmers. For the citrus we get them from SOS Rosarno, an organic farmers cooperative that care about migrants and them rights and are against the exploitation of migrants work in agriculture. The recipe is the one of the tradition.


Our flavours:

Red Raspberries, White Raspberries, Currant, Gooseberries, Strawberries, Apricots, Cherries, Blackberries, Pears, Pears and Nuts, Pears and Ginger, Persimmon, Persimmon and Vanilla, Peaches, Peaches and Fresh Mint, Peaches and Serpillo Thyme, Plums, Plums and Ginger, Figs, Figs and Walnuts, Kiwi and Hawthorn Flowers, Kiwi and Ginger, Quinces and Ginger, Quinces and Cinnamon, Apples and Cinnamon, Apples and Ginger, Oranges, Bitter Oranges, Mixed Citrus, Clementines, Pumpkin and Oranges, Pumpkin and Quinces, Pumpkin and Spices, Pumpkin and Amaretti biscuits, Pumpkin and Amaretto di Saronno (liquor).

Our Flours

Our flours are


The seed from which our flour is born is an organic Aquilante soft wheat seed. It is grown without any type of products at any stage of processing, just as Nature wants. In the field where we sowed, no chemical treatment has been carried out for thirty years as shown by laboratory analysis.


This grinding allows to grind the whole grain of wheat with a low processing speed which reduces the overheating of the millstones and therefore of the flour, without affecting their lipid / vitamin properties. In addition, by grinding the entire grain of wheat, the germ that is found on the outside is preserved, containing particularly valuable nutrients that would inevitably be lost with the industrial refining process. The grinding is carried out by a mill which grinds only organic grains.


Type 1: an ideal compromise between preserving the properties of wheat and simple processing for cooking. It is perfect for bread, cakes, pizza and bakery products. Whole wheat: all the properties of the grain remain inside of this flour, making it rustic but versatile and giving it a more raw and traditional flavor.

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