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Deep in nature, our dépendance offers a scenario of complete privacy and tranquility for our guests. Perfect also for days or weekends of classes, workshops and residential seminars of dance, music, sing, theatre, yoga...

We believe that the union of nature, art and spirituality can produce wonderful fruits. For that we like to think to this space like a place to make people free to express themselves and explore them body and souls. 

Workshop & Events

Nature knows how to welcome and sustain with love every kind of art and every form of self research. Is so beautiful for us to share our house with people who believe in culture and beauty and are looking for their own well-being. For you an open veranda in summer that becomes a warm space in winter, with a terracotta floor that can be covered with a wood floor for theatre, dance or yoga class, or for those who prefere it. An organic, 0miles and traditional kitchen will nourish you during all stay.   

Country House

Country House

The dependance consists of a large room closed in winter, which turns into summer in a suggestive veranda overlooking a lawn, a living room with an antique fireplace and our jams production lab. This is the breakfast room for our guests, where we serve homemade delicacies prepared with natural and organic 0 mile products. And this is the tasting room too: here you can try jams, cheese, oil, wine.. just typical and local products. Thanks to these particular features it is an excellent location to enjoy the calmness or taste traditional flavours or organize weekends or days of workshop or residential seminars. A communal room to meet and share. 


For informations and reservations fill out the form or call us at the numbers: 

+39 075 690 441

+39 368 931 341

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